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Market Chat and Creating Your Game Plan

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

As we close in on January, this month as been a whirlwind. I've encountered a lot of buyers who thought they could not hire an agent until they had their down payment saved and a preapproval.

There are plenty of agents out there that will not talk to you until you have your preapproval. I am not one of them... why? While I understand others may think it is a waste of time to speak with a buyer lacking preapproval, I care about my clients, and care deeply about their experience.

I have an army of lenders that I have great relationships with, and I love when I can place the right situation with the right lender for preapproval or for a game plan. Buyer clients should be connected with the lender that works best for them and their situation. Lenders have so many different programs for so many different situations, but not every lending institution can meet every buyers needs or best interests. So why not hire your agent first, so they can place you with the right connections? Education is key, even if you have bought and sold before. Market trends, laws, and lending programs change all the time, and you wont know unless you do this every day. Schedule a buyers consultation today... let me teach you the process, your options, and lets create your game plan together as a team. Long term game plan or short term game plan, I am here to help you.

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