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ISO: listings! I have qualified buyers for the following properties!

Normally, I create a cute graphic to share on social media that puts it out their in the universe what I am trying to manifest for my buyers (this does work like a charm, by the way)

However, in Spring 2022, I cannot fit the amount of properties I am searching for on one graphic, so, lets make it a blog post instead!!

As you can see, there is a large demand for 4 bedroom homes, but not a lot on the market at this time, making it a stiff competition for FHA buyers. Sellers remember, FHA money is the same as conventional loan money. At the end of the day, FHA requires some nominal repairs, such as painting over peeling paint, some hand rails and GFI's within 6 feet of a water source. FHA also requires roofs to have 3 or more years of life left. These are considered health and safety items.

If you have a buyer submitting an FHA offer and they say they will complete the repairs IF necessary, you are golden, and you will find this to be a less entitled buyer who is grateful to buy your home. They have also often lost out on 3 or 4 offers on homes already. Many homes have no FHA issues.

Buyer 1- 3 bed 1.5 bath minimum w/ garage, basement. Must have potential for 4 bedrooms. Prefers Midland County/Sanford area. Buyers preapproved with an FHA loan up to $220k. Loan is pre-underwritten and ready to GO.

Buyer 2 - 3 bed 2 bath on Sanford Lake. Could be cash or conventional mid 200's.

Buyer 3 - 4 bed 1.5 bath in Midland. Preapproved with FHA loan to 200k. Loan is pre- underwritten and ready to GO.

Buyer 4- 5 bed 3+ bath with basement, garage, inground pool or space to install an inground pool. Must have high end finishes. City of Midland or Larkin Twp preferred. Budget around $750k

Buyer 5- 2 bedroom+ on an all sports lake that allows for use of a tritoon and water is present. Can be Saginaw Bay, Houghton, Higgins etc. Cash buyer up to $300K

Buyer 6- 4 bed, 2 bath or 3 bed if there is a basement suitable to add a 4th bedroom. Within Midland County is fine, or Beaverton area. Preapproved with an FHA loan to 200k.

Buyer 7- 4 bed, 1.5+ bath with garage , preferably basement. Pre approved FHA, pre underwritten loan ready to go.

Buyer 8- Ranch style/ 1 level home on 5 acres plus OR vacant land to build on 5 acres plus. Must be within Meridian Public School District.

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